Junior Vision and Values

Home School Agreement

The home school agreement is a document between the school, each child and their family as part of the school’s aims and values of “Nurturing every child to grow and flourish in Christ.” It is a supportive document which schools encourage parents to sign in support of the school.

The agreements set out in our school document identify the school rules, our pledges about: the curriculum and homework, behaviour, attendance and punctuality, equal opportunities and welfare and communication and our primary acceptable use agreement. It is a key document that helps to explain the parameters each child, family and the school agree to adhere to.

Home School Agreement

St Alban & St Stephen Junior School aims to develop a love of learning and to create a living Christian community of pupils, staff, parents, governors and the parish. The Catholic life of the school and religious education is an integral part of and permeates all aspects of school life and underpins all areas of the curriculum.

We teach our children to develop a love of God in everything they do, to learn to respect each other, to forgive each other and to acquire a sense of responsibility for the community and world in which we live.

We encourage every child to take pride and pleasure in their work, and to realise that everything they do is important. They learn from their successes and their failures and grow in confidence and mutual respect.

We aim to:

  • develop every child’s abilities, talents and interests to the full
  • nurture every child’s spiritual development
  • develop an appreciation of other faiths and religions
  • develop a sense of self-respect, self-reliance and individual worth
  • develop good relationships by showing tolerance, cooperation and care for all.