Nursery Remote Learning Timetable                                       WB 18.1.21 CIL Grid

Monday 18th


Welcome to Week 3!
You have all been working so hard last week and it honestly makes me so proud and happy to see what you are doing at home. Please watch the attached video to see where our story takes us this week and to see what activities we will be doing!

The CIL grid is at the top of the page as well as the suggested remote learning timetable. As always, I can’t wait to see all that lovely learning! This website page will be updated each weekday at 3pm for the next day’s learning.

Our Nursery Rhyme this week is ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ Follow this link to the learn the song.

The activity to follow is to see if you can build your own London Bridge without it falling down!

We are continuing on with 2D shapes this week and moving onto 3D shapes later on in the week. By now you are becoming secure in knowing the names of the 2D shapes as well as being able to describe them. You are also able to spot 2D shapes in everyday life. Now we are going to focus on how we can use these shapes.
We are going to secure our knowledge of 2D shapes by making different outlines. Watch the video of how Miss Ketley make different shapes using play dough.

Attached is also a Play Dough Recipe if you want to have a go at making your own play dough.
To follow up, can you have a go at making your own shapes? You can use Lolly Stick 2D Shapes, Car Shapes, Shape outlines on the floor etc.  If you feel you still need to develop some shape knowledge – try this game Shape Monsters

It looked like you had so much fun with your parties last week!
This week we are focusing on celebrations in Church as well as looking at what can be found in a church for a different game of ‘I Spy’.

First, look at Celebrations in Church  to look at what we typically celebrate in Church. Then, follow the video for a game of I Spy (you will need to pause to take time to spot the different items) and a prayer.

To follow up, see if you can play the spotting game yourselves with St Alban and Stephen Church I Spy
You could also have a go at making a Stained Glass Window. Or decorate  The Our Father Prayer

Story Time with Mr Miller
The Yoga Ogre by Peter Bently

Tuesday 19th

We have now going to move on from ‘Phase 1 – Aspect 4: Rhythm and Rhyme’ to ‘Phase 1 – Aspect 5: Alliteration’. This is a key skill in hearing initial sounds in words and will help massively when learning to read and write.

To start Alliteration this week, follow this link for this alphabet song with Mr Tumble!

Then look at Alphabet Names to see where you are in the alphabet! Can you spot your friends? There are also some gaps in our alphabet – can you think of any names to fill them?
The activity to follow is to see if you can play a game of ‘I Spy’ with the the first letter of your name. Is it easy or quite hard? Look at  Miss Ketley’s I Spy to see what she could find that begins with ‘K’.

PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development)
Today we are going to look at setting a challenge for something that we might find quite tricky. Watch the video to meet Bill and see how he managed to keep going and trying through setting a challenge.

To follow up, set yourself a challenge of something you might find tricky such as writing your name, recognising numbers to 10, riding a bike etc. Write it or draw it on the star outline.

Shape Collages
We use shapes all the time in our pictures. Can you have a go at making your own shape picture using this game Shape Pictures or you can create your own pictures using paper and shapes. Here are pictures that Miss Ketley was able to create using Shape Collage and Outline Shape Collage.

Story Time with Miss Ketley
Mr Pepper’s Perfect Pet Shop by Erica Jane Waters

Wednesday 20th

Disgusting Soup
Follow the video to see what delightful things I am cooking up in my kitchen! Some of it might be a bit nasty!

The activity to follow is to have a go at making your own disgusting soup. The more disgusting the better! Have a look at Miss Ketley’s Disgusting Soup

Show and Tell
Here is Miss Ketley’s show and tell of her pet at home.

Kandinsky Art
Shapes can make fabulous art. Kandinsky uses shapes such as circle and triangles to make his art pieces. Follow this Kandinksy PPT to see his work.
To follow, have a go at making your own shape art using whatever shapes you want. Here is the Kandinksy Art Miss Ketley made on the computer.

Story Time with Miss Holmes
While We Can’t Hug by Eoin Mclaughlin


Thursday 21st



We are moving onto 3D shapes today. Listen to another catchy song about 3D shapes.

Then follow the Everyday 3D Shapes PPT to introduce the 3D shapes then have a go at the 3D Shape Sorting for everyday 3D shapes.

Tony the Train’s Busy Day!
Follow the video to watch a game where Tony the Train has so many things to pick up! What does he pick up? Can you hear the initial sounds that are the same?

The activity to follow is to go on a sound hunt around your house. It doesn’t have to just be the first sound of your name this time. It can be any sound and do they all begin with the same sound? You can also look at the pictures Alliteration Spots – can you spot all the initial sounds that math or any items that don’t belong there?

Story Time with Mr Miller
Puffin Peter by Petr Horácek


Friday 22nd 

Bertha the Bus goes to the Zoo
Follow the video to watch a game where Bertha the bus goes to the zoo and meets lots of different animals! Listen carefully for the initial sounds that are the same!

The activity to follow is to have a go at naming your own toys with the same letter as the animal it is. E.G. Lenny the Lion. If you think you can, extend your sentence more. E.G. Lovely Lenny the Lion or Lenny the Lion is Licking Lollipops.

Another Shape Hunt! Follow the video for a 3D shape hunt that Miss Ketley completed around her house.

To follow up, can you have a go at finding your own 3D shapes inside or outside the home?


Story Time with Miss Ketley 
Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School by Simon Puttock and Ali Pye