Primary School Admissions 2021/22

Application packs for Nursery and Reception admissions for September 2021 will be available from the school office in the first week of November. Please email if you require one.

Unfortunately, recent Government restrictions mean that Fr Michael will be unable to sign Certificates of Catholic Practice on 11th November as planned. Instead, Fr Michael will be available at the Presbytery on Wednesday 9th December 4-6 pm. No appointment is required and forms will be provided by Fr Michael. It is not necessary for children to be present.

Ss Alban & Stephen Catholic Primary School Admissions 2021-22

In Year Admissions 2020/21 (Nursery)

Families with a child born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 can apply for a Nursery place.  Nursery Admission Policy

In Year Admissions 2020/21 (Infants)

Families with a child born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 must apply online through the Herts Online system for Reception applications:

Infants Admissions Policy

In addition to the Hertfordshire submission, applicants must also:

  • complete our Supplementary Information Form Infants
  • provide current proof of address
  • provide evidence of baptism (if applicable)
  • provide a signed Certificate of Catholic Practice (if applicable).

In Year Admission 2020/21 (Juniors)

Please contact us for In Year Admission for the school year 2020/21. You will need to complete our own Application Form- (Supplementary Information Form or SIF). These forms are downloadable (see below) and should be returned to the school. You will also need to complete a Priest’s Form (if applicable).

Ss Alban and Stephen Juniors Admissions Arrangements 2020-21
Supplementary Information Form Juniors

Certificate of Catholic Practice – A Message from the Church

We are blessed in this Parish with very good schools and it is encouraging that so many of you want a Catholic education for your children. It is great to meet you, the parents, when you come to get the Certificate of Catholic Practice (CCP) signed and to see that you are a committed and practising family. It is very easy, and indeed a joy, to sign for many of you that we know from meeting at Mass and at other Church functions.

A very real problem that we the priests here face is that we do not recognise some parents that come to have CCPs signed. This may be due to the fact that we have missed meeting some of you. To overcome this, we would like to encourage you to make yourselves known to us at Church. It is very difficult for us the priests, and we think unfair, to be asked to sign a form that states that a family is a practising family, when we do not know them. To all you mothers and fathers that make such a great effort to support and bring your children to Church on a regular basis we say thank you and assure you of our continued support and admiration for your commitment.

  • Please bring your child with you when asking the Priest to sign your form.
  • If you do not attend this church, please approach your usual parish to complete your CCP.