Reading & Phonics – Presentation for parents

In KS1 we use phonics and reading schemes;  Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds; and a variety of reading schemes in the Book Banding Scheme.

Reading: Your child will choose a book to bring home from our school library. This will be changed once a week. Books should be stored in a school book bag (which can be purchased from the school office). The emphasis should be on enjoying books with your child. Relax and share the story—you may be surprised at how much you both get out of your shared sessions.
We provide a phonics handwriting/reading session for parents every year – do try to attend if you can as this will help you support your child. The ‘Read on get on’ iinitiative may give you some tips about reading with your child. We offer ‘Reading for Pleasure’ in school and would welcome parents to bring a book on a Friday morning to KS1 classes. Just mention it to your class teacher if you wish to join in. Book Trust is full of useful information to encourage reading and has age-related book suggestions for regular reading or presents.

Writing: Your child will be learning to write cursively, i.e. learning joined up writing, from the beginning. We will concentrate on teaching formation of letters and will first introduce those letters which are formed in a similar way. We will invite you to hear more about how we teach writing. Research has shown that cursive writing aids spelling later on. It also supports older children when they are writing at length. Please do not teach your child to write in capital letters. When children first start school they only use a capital letter for the beginning of their name. Handwriting Formulation

The Year 1 Learner

English Year 1 Learner

The Year 2 Learner

English Year 2 Learner

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English Year 3 Learner

The Year 4 Learner

English Year 4 Learner

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English Year 5 Learner

The Year 6 Learner

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