Catholic Life

Chaplaincy Team

On Tuesday 3rd November , Fr Michael joined us in school to bless our brand new Chaplaincy Team as they begin their mission this year in our school. He prayed that they may lead the school well through prayer, good example, charitable works and by generally showing a love for their neighbour as Jesus asked us to do. It was a very moving ceremony and the children are all very excited about the year ahead. Many congratulations to them all!

Here is our new school prayer - Composed by the Chaplaincy Team

Dear God,
Bless all the children and staff in our school.
May we all work together to learn valuable lessons.
Bless all our loving parents, our school community and parishioners.
We thank you for all our kind friends and hardworking teachers.
Let us follow the shining examples of St Alban and St Stephen.
Help us to be the best that we can be and guide us as we stay connected to you and Jesus in all that we do.
As a school, we live, love and learn with God in our hearts.

Blessing of our Chaplaincy Team

We are the Chaplaincy Team for this year. Our role is the following:

To help the school to be a community of faith.
To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living.
To develop good relationships within and beyond the school community.
To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.
To involve pupils in fundraising for charities.
To continue to develop strong links with the Parish.
To support the school in its Mission Statement.

We have lots of ideas of how we can fulfil our roles. Here are some of them:

Help to prepare weekly Gospel Preparation assemblies
‘Saints Day’ celebrations
Organise various charity fund-raising events
Suggest ideas for RE resources
Help to lead assemblies
Work with other Chaplaincy Teams
Promote bible stories
Maintain our Prayer Garden

We have also thought of how we can work together.

The following are our five top tips to help us be a successful Chaplaincy Team.

Listen to each other’s ideas.
Communicate with all the team members, school and parish.
Encourage everyone when making decisions, to share their ideas and to try their best.
Include everyone when making decisions.
Lead by example, love everyone especially people you don’t get on with.

If you have any ideas that you wish to share with us then please let us know.

The Parish

There are very close links between Ss Alban & Stephen parish and our school, with frequent masses (both at school and at church). The priests visit us regularly and talks with the children about important events in the year (such as the Advent Wreath) and the children show her the work they produce during their RE lessons.

We have a vibrant youth section in our parish. There are activities for children from birth to adulthood.


We strongly believe that the children should learn to share with others not as fortunate as ourselves. Throughout the year there are several charities that we support, at a local, national and international level.

Harvest assembly - Our  harvest donations were collected by the local women's refuge representatives and the St Albans & District Foodbank.  Both charities were overwhelmed by the generosity shown and asked us to pass on their thanks.